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HEPCA dolphins code of conduct

Updated: Feb 16

This code of conduct aims at mitigating aspects of approaches that negatively affect dolphins communication, behavior and health. Code of Conduct for boat captains.

  • Always maintain a clearance distance of minimum 30m from the dolphins

  • Only approach dolphins in open water by sailing carefully and parallel to their swimming direction as indicated in the drawing

  • As soon as dolphins are observed, drive slowly at a maximum speed of 4 knots or 7km/h or adjust to speed of the slowest dolphin. Never reverse, accelerate, or change direction suddenly.

  • If dolphins approach your vessel, put your engine in neutral.

  • If dolphins are bow riding, do not suddenly change direction.

  • Never herd, chase, encircle or separate dolphin groups. Always leave the animals an “escape route”.

  • NEVER follow dolphins inside lagoons and resting areas such as Shaab El Erg (Dolphin House), Fanous and Abu Nugar and keep a safety distance from the reef. Use immediately the moorings at the anchoring place.

  • Avoid noises. Do not shout, whistle, use horns or play music.

  • Be aware of possible signs of distress (e.g. avoidance, fluke slaps) and, if observed, leave the area at very low speed.

  • When calves (young dolphins) are present, always apply extra care.

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