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Islands of Hurghada

Abu Minqar

Abu Minqar is our “hidden” gem island that’s within sight of the coastline. Located in front of the coast of Hurghada is the closest marine island to the city .
Always a highlight with our guests, Abu Mongar’s kilometer-long sandbar provides impeccable flat water. You won’t believe the perfection!

Entry fee: Free


Experience unforgettable moments on one of Hurghada's top beaches, Eden Island Hurghada.
 The nature and luxury of the island are specially designed for your comfort. The beauty of nature blends perfectly with the range of services offered on the beach by the top restaurants and bars. Eden Island is the perfect place to relax for couples, but also for families looking for fun.

Entry fee: Adult 15 € | Child 5 €


Orange Bay Hurghada is located in a beautiful lake in the National Park of Big Giftun Island on an area of ​​more than 7000 square meters and has been operating since 2011, only 40 minutes by boat from Hurghada.
Shallow waters, bin bags, music, massage service, bar... The island have all the comodities for a perfect relaxing day.

Entry fee: Adult 10 € | Child 5 €


Totally inspired from its natural surroundings, paradise is an eco – tourism heaven bordered by virgin blue waters awaiting exploration and a white sand beach inviting relaxation. Accompanied with fine food, great music and fun crowd, Paradise Island is an exotic escape that will change your idea of perfect day in the Red Sea and will give you memories that will last forever. Experience Caribbean flair on a Red Sea island!

Entry fee: Adult 10 € | Child 5 €

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