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Dive into Fun at Water World Aquapark!

Updated: Feb 16

Looking for the ultimate day out with family and friends? Dive into a splash-tastic adventure at Water World Aquapark! From 10 am to 5 pm, immerse yourself in a world where laughter, excitement, and splashes are around every corner.

Share memorable moments as you glide down our exhilarating slides, float through meandering rivers, and bask under the sun in our relaxation zones. Whether it's a family bonding day or a lively outing with friends, our park promises fun-filled hours for everyone.

Mark your calendars and make a splash with us. Cherished memories await at Water World Aquapark – where every drop counts!

Group of people enjoying water slides at Water World Aquapark in Hurghada, representing the ultimate day out with family and friends.

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